Jojo & Mickaela Kizomba Tricks & Lifts Dance Demo @ 4th Suave Dance Festival 2017

The way Mickaela & Jojodo tricks are the best I’ve seen in kizomba world! If you want to add some spice to your dance - learn tricks & lifts from them! This demo was part of kizomba tricks & lifts class. Jojo & Mickaela are masters doing tricks: - Mickaela is super sharp and light - Jojo is strong and he has great technique. ... Compared to videos I’ve seen - seeing them dancing for real seemed even more impressive. Jonathan and Mickaela does so sharp, clear and confident moves, that almost look inhuman. But this sharpness gives an amazing effect. So thats also the biggest takeaway - work on your sharpness and clarity of the steps. Their style is very fresh and I was happy to got some ideas for steps and of course tricks. P.S. Fun fact did you know Jonathan is several times world-champion in…jumping ropes (not sure how to call it correctly?) -
Duration: 2:17 · Plays: 22,785 views · Uploader: OnKizomba - Dainis · Size: 3 MB

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